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by J. Archer on September 24, 2011

In today’s world… Simple things… Things that I took for granted when growing up are absent in much of the business being transacted. This is especially true in the world of real estate. And, these missing ideals are what “X” represents to me. And… these missing ideals form the basis of why Clear Vision Realty Group was founded in the first place.

One such ideal, for example, is the idea of “win-win” relationships. The idea the we can go further, faster, and with a better result if we work together. For example, if working with a competing broker or agent on terms gets you the deal you want, then you have the right to expect that of us.

Another opportunity I see in the marketplace is responsibility. So many times in the real estate world we get caught up on appearances when the real means of assessing a situation should be based on results. No more plastic smiles or unfulfilled promises emanating from empty words. The true test is, “What is the result?”. Very few people will own up to a question like that one. Responsibility… We are bringing it back.

Lastly, finding agents who do more than list your property is rare today. I know that when I pay a commission, I want to have confidence that the money has contributed to an active program designed to get my home sold.

So, “X” represents an opportunity to improve deficiencies in the marketplace… And, just like algebra class, Clear Vision Realty Group is looking for solutions to “X”.

Like so many before, who created a business because they saw an opportunity in the market, Clear Vision seeks to do the same. My name is Jason Archer. I’m one of the founders and I want to hear from you. Leave a message or comment below and tell me what you see as opportunity in the world of real estate, or simply tell me about areas you feel we or another agent you worked with fell short. Help us put a finger on the pulse of the market by offering your view. Go now! Comment below!


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