Jillaine Jurchuk

illaine-clear-vision-investment-groupAt an early age I knew I was destined to be creative and travel the world, so did my parents. I was born in Kitchener Waterloo, ON and moved to the small farming town of Williamstown, ON when I was three.

Having the experience of two older brothers, I learnt to be quick skilled and solid on my feet.  Hence, at an early age, my artistic abilities became apparent when a nights passage of freedom from my one brother meant completing his art assignment for school. By the age of nine I started redesigning my bedroom a couple times a year with anything and everything I could find in my fathers “heaven” of a garage.

After High School I moved to Ottawa, ON to follow my passion in Interior Design at Algonquin College. With much love and support from my family, I decided to take my two week practicum in Calgary, AB (which was meant as a “stop by”) before continuing on to Vancouver, BC and 14 years later Calgary, AB is still my home.

After traveling the world and working my way up the corporate ladder, I started to question life and where I was at. I quickly realized all my hard work and sleepless nights was to create abundance for someone else at the cost of my well being. The next day I quit and moved to Kimberley, BC for a couple months to take time for myself and create a new direction in life. This is where I decided to follow my hidden passions, painting and photography.

I moved back to Calgary and started working endless nights as an artist and am still totally loving it to this day. I did however still feel like something was missing and decided to enroll in a personal growth course. At this course I was asked eight simple words that changed my life for ever….“what kind of a legacy are you leaving?”

How was it I had never really thought about his before? I’ve been grateful to have had many turning points in my life and this questions is one of them. So began my journey to not only inspire through my art but to also empower myself and the lives of others by creating a legacy of liberty. You know the kind right? It’s the kind where you can wake up everyday and do what it is you love because you’re financially secure and all while encouraging others to do the same.

So began Clear Vision Investment Group for me. Not only have I surrounded myself with powerful like-minded people creating win/win solutions, but I am also creating financial freedom, based on real estate investments, for myself and others. I feel this is one of the world’s safest investments. Life is about the now!

Jillaine Jurchuk

Managing Partner
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