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jason-clear-vision-investment-groupI’m suppose to write about myself here. That should be easy enough to do right? Wrong… Every website in the business world these days has a bio page on it’s people. And while having a picture of a guy in a suit with a blurb written in the third person is the norm, I just don’t see any value in it. In most cases write ups like that come across shallow and insincere to me. You may not think so… You may completely disagree with me… And that is OK. But be warned. This will not fall under the category of normal as it relates to business bios.

If you are still reading, I want to give you a true idea of what I’m about. That is obviously what this page is for on our site.  So, here goes…

I come from a small town in Georgia called Watkinsville. The town has grown up to be a beautiful suburban area of Athens, GA… But when I was a kid there it was a one red light town. Actually, it wasn’t even a red light. It was a flashing caution light at a 4 way stop.

I grew up in a nice little subdivision. Good people. Several kids to play with. That sort of thing. It was quiet and conservative for the most part. People went to church on Sunday. Sang in the choir. Kids played sports and sometimes got into minor trouble, but never anything over the top.

Home life was tough for myself and my younger brother though. Both our parents came from abusive households. And while everything on the outside seemed “normal”… on the inside I struggled to understand why my parents had trouble communicating with each other and with my brother and I. They were and are good people and never abused us physically, but conversations in our house were more like shouting matches.

The simple truth is my parents didn’t get the skills or encouragement they needed growing up. They just were not equipped, but they did the best they could with what they had and created the best life for us they could.  When I look back on it now I feel compassion for them and wonder how hard it must have been for them to rise above their own childhood tragedy to provide us with a nice big house and opportunities to play sports and be involved with our friends. All in all I had it pretty good and remember growing up fondly.

If there was one thing that sticks out from childhood…  One thing that has helped shape who I am today, it would be that money was always looked at from a scarcity mindset. Money was something that other people had. Money was a source of stress and contention. My parents were taught that, “money is the root of all evil” and deep down they held a belief that they were not worthy of having it.

So, that begs the question… How does a kid like me from small town Georgia, who grew up thinking that money was bad, end up as a principle partner, owner, and Marketing Director for an innovative real estate investment group like Clear Vision?

Well, to tell you the truth, the nutshell version is that I decided to invest in myself and change my beliefs. And, that process of changing has been ongoing now for nearly 20 years!

I took the time to study money and markets. I learned from my mentors that money flowing to me is the result of value I create in the marketplace. Money flowing away from me is what I exchange for items I consider as value created by others. Simple right?

The idea behind the creation of Clear Vision is based on this simple principle. Money only flows to Clear Vision if you perceive value in the service we provide. So at Clear Vision, we never focus on the bottom line. We focus on what drives the bottom line. And that, my friend, is the creation of value and win win relationships in the real estate marketplace. Always has been, always will be.

We will never tell our clients “We’re the best” or “We’re better than X company” because this is simply unmeasurable. This is a judgement, not a fact. Its purely subjective nonsense that most real estate investment companies use because they are too lazy to think of a way to create value in their businesses.

I believe in results. My mentor taught me that “There is no greater way to gauge a man than by results… Often harsh, but always fair”. This one quote has shaped my outlook more than any one item I can recall. There is nothing more valid than the results I create as a measure of myself. Only a responsible person can hold this ideal and submit to it.  This is the very definition of responsibility and a key Clear Vision principle.

I seek to provide value to you in the form of measurable results. If that means finding your investment property under foreclosure value, I can prove its below foreclosure value. If that means developing a real marketing plan to sell an investment property, I can prove I am actively investing in selling the property.

If you want to laugh about something that really isn’t funny. Ask 10 real estate investment advisers how they see the real estate landscape… Most, will tell you what they think you want to hear… The remainder seem to offer double talk and excuses.

We at Clear Vision Investment Group seek to change this… We offer quality cash flow rental properties to our tenants and cash flow investment opportunities based on those rents to our investors. It’s a simply formula that has a long history of success no matter which way the markets move. And, in an uncertain time, cash flow is the most important element of any portfolio that provides real security. Clear Vision Realty Group is now, and forever meant to be the result of that paradigm.

In a phrase, CVIG is about making cash flow real estate simple and available to anyone interested in building a passive revenue stream. If that is you, simply contact us for more information or download our latest brochure.

Jason Archer

Managing Partner
Clear Vision Investment Group
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