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Want to retire sooner?

Back in the day, Canadian retirement was pretty much laid out for you making it like a one stop kind of shop. You went to school and became educated in a field that was required at the time, once out of school you pretty much found a job and worked at that same job for years on end till one day you hit 65 and you got a “Happy Retirement” party whether you liked it or not.

Clear Vision Investment Group Nest Egg Retirement Investing This traditional idea of retirement is pretty much dead based on today’s mixture of retirements. There are the ones retiring earlier thanks to investments coming though and pulling out at the right time, others still have to work part time into their late 60’s and early 70’s due to various circumstances (RRSP’S and market crashes), some believe the Government benefits would be there for them like they were in the past, and others are relying on the traditional employer pensions to kick in immediately with sufficient funds to take care of them.

What ever retirement you had or have mapped out for yourself, the majority of Canadians aren’t sitting where they thought they would be. When it comes down to it, it’s about us as individuals taking responsibility for how our retirement is going to look and diversifying our money to get to our end result.

With all that said, what would you do with a minimum of a 30% return on your investment over 5 years? Would that be something that would get you closer to retirement or better yet, allow you to quit and go into retirement and start doing the things you love? At Clear Vision Investment Group our team is about that, empowering the lives of others while providing profitable investment opportunities in diverse marketplaces for all. 

Clear Vision Investment Group Retirement Investing Cash Flow Our team purchases undervalued or underused residential properties in the South Western United States and creates rental cash flow. Until now, Canadians have only dabbled in real estate south of the border due to the “Double Taxation” effect of holding a property in the States as a Canadian. At Clear Vision we’ve designed a simple solution for you, our investors. Through our company you can invest by loaning the funds you want to deploy south of the border with no direct ties to an individual property or extra work such as management or land-lording. Our team in the States takes care of all the day to day operations and send you a cheque each year. Yes, it’s that simple. 

How do I start?

If your interested in making money on a solid investment that’s hassle-free, then reach out to us at and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as get you going on your road to retirement sooner than you think.


I have a pet peeve… And yes, I know that doesn’t make me special. You probably have a few yourself. Mine has to do with the financial mis-information that is perpetually spouted by main stream media and their ilk.

I continue to see articles and broadcasts that promote saving money as an actual way of solidifying retirement nest eggs for those of us hoping to retire one day. This is absolute lunacy! Again, I refer you to my headline “Just owning the Renminbi is better than a savings account!” What do I mean by that?

Let’s see average savings rates at the time of this writing are listed below courtesy of

Let’s see average savings rates at the time of this writing are 0.69% according to of!

So there is is. An average interest rate on savings and checking of 0.69%… They are telling you, in fact screaming at you, PUT YOUR MONEY ELSEWEHERE! The Chinese Renminbi, for example, appreciated against the dollar more than 4% in the last week!

Do any of you think that saving money at this rate will get you anywhere? I hope not. Those of you who answered “No!’ go to the head of the class. The government’s own “doctored up” inflation numbers tell us this. They advertise inflation at 3% – 4% which is a complete understatement of the real number.

However, even if we use the government’s number we still have a net loss in purchasing power with the cash we have set aside if it only grows at 0.69%. That’s just simple math.

Think differently: Its not how much money you have when you retire; its how much purchasing power will you have when you retire!

In an inflationary environment, protecting your purchasing power is of utmost importance. If you have $1,000,000 dollars when you retire 20 years from now, but it only buys you $100,000 worth of goods and services because inflation has eaten away it’s value then you have a serious problem.

That is the problem we face moving forward. In today’s inflationary environment “savers are losers”… Its time to look at the returns you are getting and look at inflation rates both real and imaginary (the governments inflation) and decide on an effective course.

The truth is your financial planner, your 401k manager, and your investment adviser probably have bigger fish than you and will devote more time and energy to others because the commission is higher. You have to educate yourself and take an active roll in what you want to create.

Personally, I own foreign stocks, foreign currency, and inflation protected assets like real estate. How about you? How is that savings account working for you?


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